Nail art Hello watermelon !


New week, new manicure ! Few weeks ago the website contacted me and suggested me to test their products of manicure and nail arts. Browsing the site, I stopped on “Water dacals” which have the advantage of being slightly thinner and stiffer than the stickers. My nails are very curved, mostly the stikers are not flexible enough and because of the shape of my nail they peel off. So I chose 4 boards as follows:


One board with watermelons (Ref: F017), one with feathers (Ref: BLE1678), one with porcelain effect (Ref: 1619) and one with roses (Réf : G103). And this week, I really wanted a manicure that feel good summer with my watermelon pattern.





Red nail poilsh : Caught red handed #71305 Calvin Klein / Green water nail polish : Apple pie #NP153 Models own / Watermelon decals: NéeJolie

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Nail art Fresh mint


New week, new manicure! For a change, I decided to put some green on my fingertips! But then, you know me by now: I love the marriage of a color block with pastel colors for the contrasts. So this week, here I am with a beautiful green well decorated with a silver sticker for a nice chevron pattern and then a very soft base to soften it.


I had a little trouble with the stickers which are unfortunately a bit short to be positioned vertically but hey, it is not shocking huh?



Green nail lacquer: #343 Spring green Kiko Light green nail lacquer: Apple pie #NP153 Models own Chevron sticker: Make it stick

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Nail art Sweet daisy


New week, new manicure! I may be disappointed more than one last week wearing almost bare nails but I confess that I liked to see my nails, lamost naked! So when I found this nail art last week, I had a real crush. It’s pastel, it’s colorful but it also has a very natural look without any coloful layer under the pattern.


For technical questions, I just followed the step by step of this pin on Pinterest: to distribute the yellow dots (the heart of the daisy) on the nail and then add small dots all around to draw the petals . This is a nail art super easy to replicate so I think I will do it again soon!




Yellow nail polish: H&M
Green water nail polish: Jude green #345 Kiko
White nail polish: Konad
Light pink nail polish: Marshmallow #006 Rare

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Manicure Nude or so


New week, new manicure … or almost! For lack of time, I did my manicure very late Sunday and being very tired, I thought I’d apply a simple layer of nail polish. And finally, I layed even less color because I put a thin layer of beige pink to reveal my nails, almost naked!





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Nail art Mini dots


New week, new manicure! Here I am back from vacation and despite the heat shock I had when arriving at Orly and depression to see a gray and loaded sky, I did a little nail art that I find cute, but I’ll let you judge by yourself. This week, I opted for small tiny coral dots on a nude base, inspired from this nail art found on Pinterest.


To make these really tiny dots, I didn’t use a dotting tool but a toothpick.



Coral nail polish: #41 Corail Yves Rocher
Nude :nail polish Pure porcelain #40742 Orly

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