My first Rainbow cake or happiness in the plate

About ten days ago, I read this issue dedicated to the magical birthday cakes on Hellocoton. There were colors and happiness in the plates. I was so amazed. And because I want happiness in my plate too, I decided this weekend to do my first test of Rainbow cake.

I do not know if there is a specific recipe for the rainbow cake, I just took muffin recipe. I seperate the batter into 6 bowls and colored it with food coloring. For cooking, I took out six molds for baking the different colors separately.

After baking the dough, I let the cake cool before performing dressage and addind icing sugar. The suspense was huge before cutting the cake because I did not know if it will be nice or not. And TADAM!

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It smells good summer time

Today in Paris, the weather was particularly beautiful. And that’s good because it was precisely the day that my N+1 chose to organize a team picnic.

At the lunch break, it was with our sunglasses on nose, tablecloth and throws under our arm that we went on the tip of the Ile de la cité. We sat quietly between the Samaritaine and firefighters to enjoy the sun.

Because we’re fairly well organized, we expected the pretty cups, plates, cutlery and napkins matched with the tablecloth. All this stuff comes from our new favorite store, I named Hema.

Everyone should bring a dish salty or sweet. In salty, we had a quinoa salad, skewers cherry tomatoes – mozzarella, tuna salad, rice and broccoli.

Being appointed to bring sweet dish, I decided to cook some colorful cupcakes. I just found THE recipe for topping that I was looking for and it was a real succes with my colleagues.

And so it was between cupcakes and champagne bubbles that we finished lunch iunder the sun. The weather was so good that some people get a sunburn!

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Today, I’m a princess… (4)

Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday (yes, for the 3rd time!) with some friends at home. Home sweet home… For the occasion, I wanted to get out of the ordinary and I organized a photo booth.

I think the first time I heard about Photo booth, it was on the wonderful website Well, this is a site specializing in wedding, even if it is not on the agenda, I think it’s a goldmine in terms of images and ideas.. I love the pastel colors, shared photos, tips and tricks, etc.

I love photos, so the idea germinated in my mind and I visited some specialized shops and I searched on the web to find some good stuff ans ideas in order to make a beautiful serie of photos with nice accessories.

I bought a rhinestone curtain, pastel balloons and a little pink hat A la poupée merveilleuse. Hema’s , I found peaks with labels, flags and a balloon inflator. With cardstock, peak skewers, glue, tape, the beautiful patterns of Fifi Mandirac and a little imagination, I made ​​ mustaches, bow ties, hats and sunglasses.

I spent the afternoon making accessories and cooking for my guests and prepare the evening. It was a bit long and tiring but it was really satisfying. My friends were entertained according to their words and we had fun. Unfortunately I took very few pictures of the dozens of plates I prepared…

And for the last series of photos, I’ll show you some gifts that have been offered to me. So I promise it’s coming soon especially because I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about my birthday!

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From muffin to cupcake

My first batch of muffins, it was on 2009. It’s one of my former colleagues and friends who had introduced me to this home made dessert. Since I haven’t stopped trying to improve and innovate it. Spun almonds, hazelnuts crushed, with a heart of Nutella, strawberry jam, chestnut jam; sprinkled coconut, chocolate chips, with pieces of banana, etc.

And now for some weeks, I try to make cupcakes. Oh yes, these little cakes as good as cute … I’m still looking for the right recipe for the frosting while maintaining a well-balanced taste with cake (I used not to let nature). But before reaching the perfect match, I bought some essential accessories: trays with colors and decorative sugar. I am not yet satisfied with the recipe but I think I’m on the right track about the presentation, isn’t it ? And besides, if you have any tips or suggestions to me, I’m interested!

Where do I buy all these pretty things? I had some difficulty finding my kitchen stuff and then I stepped inMora (13 rue Montmartre – 75001 Paris). A true treasure trove. And the Halles district is full of good places, I discovered Hema (118 Rambuteau Street – 75001 Paris) where now I wander when I don’t have time or opportunity to go to Ikea.

Trays – Pink with white dots : Mora – Pastel trio : Mora – Red with white dots and white stripes : Hema Decorative sugar – Yellow and white stars : Vahiné au supermarché – Chocolate chips : Vahiné au supermarché – Muticolor spinkles : Mora – Spinkle with St Valentin’s colors : Mora

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Recipe Celery and Mushroom Cream

I’m not a great cooker, but when you have to cook for my man, I try to let speak my mind for an easy meal!

Recipe Celery and Mushroom Cream Easy to do

Ingredients – 2 or 3 slices of chicken – 2 stalks celery – 3 or 4 large mushrooms paris – 1/ 4 onion – 50cl semi-thick cream – Salt and pepper – Olive oil

Preparation – Cooking

1. Slice the onion and cut chicken into cubes.

2. Heat the pan with a little olive oil and add onion and turn the chicken.

3. Pepper and sauté for 5 minutes at bright lights

4. Slice the mushrooms and celery 5. Add everything to pan and cook for 3 to 5 minutes

6. Add cream, salt and simmer over low heat for 10 minutes

It’s ready! Serve over pasta, there is more to enjoy!

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