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A new little ride in my little office anyone? Today, some details of some of my shelves where I store my books DIY, sewing, knitting and crochet hooks, a bit of DIY material, my cameras, but especially my Artoyz collection.


I started my collection in 2010 during a mission for a client whose offices were at 2 steps from the Artoyz Shop in the rue de l’arbre sec. As I love cute things, I started to buy every month a small figurine. I even told myself: “Go for 5€ / month for a small figurine, no more.” And over time, I was so pleased that I bough larger figures as this Labbit with removable accessories.



And then there are also Artoyz that were offered to me as Mister Jack and this Qee Loves White that I called Cocokipik!


And inevitably, I also have some Minions …


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The photobooth of my 30th birthday party ❤




























For information, in addition to the decor, I had planned: – A camera mounted on tripod – A remote control to trigger the photos. It is not mandatory, but so much more convenient – A photo light on tripod that a friend brought – Accessories such as costume hats, glasses, wigs, etc.. – A slate After the party with friends where we took over 400 shots before the photobooth, my man and I made a new session just the 2 of us in daylight. Unfortunately, I no longer had the bright spot so I increased the ISO and pictures are full of “noise” but we still have great fun …






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Birthday party’s diy How to make backdrop for a photobooth?


To make the backdrop for the photobooth of my 30th birthday, I was inspired by photos and tutorials of 2 different blogs but with the same principle: the accumulation of round colored papers. The first stage for photobooth proposed to pin small gold rounds and the second was a bit more colorful with round paper in a larger diameter and superimposed to make mermaid scales. The first one really appealed to me but I didn’t find any gold paper … I probably seek in the wrong way but impossible to find a roll at an affordable price. I finally bought rounds for  pastry that I ordered online. Being a bit stuck on the tutorial of, I focused on small diameter round  but then, 200 rounds of 8 cm don’t cover a large area …! So I decided to complement with large round papers.

Shopping list : 
– Paper, colored or not, patterned or not  
– A cutter to cut quickly. Scissors can be used but it will last longer
– Support for cutting if you use a cutter
– A round bowl used as template as this one from Brakig collection of IKEA
– Patafix to install the decor


For cutting round shapes I folded the paper in two sheets then I laid it flat before putting the bowl above. Holding the bowl firmly in place, I drew the outline of the bowl with the cutter. And that’s it! According to the surface to be covered, cut a necessary number of rounds but take into account the fact that row will be superimposed half.


For stick the rounds on the wall, I used the Patafix to not damage it. I just followed the instructions in the Poppytalk blog. Well, all is not as well made as the example but I will improve with time! As I have a beautiful blue wall, I did not completely covered it but I left the lower part discovery.

nd here is the result! A little photo as teaser and the rest will come very soon.


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Birthday party’s diy How to make a slate?


With this 30th birthday, it was the third photobooth I organized and I wanted to introduce a new element : a slate for people to express themselves. The problem is that I wanted a slate large enough that it can be read and the only thing I found on the market was these slates were schoolchildren who are 18 x 26cm only. So I do my own slate.

Needed materials
– A picture frame at the desired size and lightest possible. The best is that protecting part of the frame is in plastic and not glass to avoid accidents. I have bought a NYTTJA framework from IKEA at format 40 x 50cm for 4.99 € each
– Black paper The paper I used is black kraft paper that I bought at Passage clouté. The rolls 3m x 70cm costs around € 2 only
– A chalk felt that I bought in the supermarket for 3 or 5 €
– A cutter or scissors
– A rule


How to proceed? It is very simple. The idea is to replace the gray background with black paper to provide a high-contrast background to highlight the messages written in felt. – Help yourself with the detachable part of the frame (bottom cardboard or wood) as a template and cut out a rectangle of black paper. – Replace the gray paper with black paper you just cut. And now, it’s ready to use! The chalk pen is very handy and easily erasable. You can allow all the follies without soiling hands by chalk dust.


For my birthday’s party, I planned two slates: one used as a poster and another for us to write words for the photobooth. Finally, we only used the version displayed as poster. This type of slate can also be used for bigger events like weddings to report events or directions.

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Birthday party’s diy How to make a garland of club flags?


After a little teasing earlier in the week, today I share with you some tips to create a garland of flags for decoration of a birthday or any festive event.

To do this, here is the material I used:
– Paper A4 size colored or not I chose to make flags in 3 different colors: pastel pink, green water and white. I had the white paper and I bought the colored paper. As I did not find in the supermarket, I went to the stationery department of FNAC’s shop. There was no packets with a mix of colors so I had to buy whole reams Clairefontaine.
– A cutter or scissors
– A rule
– A rope
– Glue


How to proceed? 1. Fold the sheet in 2 in the vertical direction to obtain a rectangle 21cm wide and about 15cm tall. 2. In the other side of the fold at the edge of the leaf score a point in the middle of the widest range. 3. Cut the sheet into joining the fold side edges and the midpoint opposite to form a triangle. Then you get an isosceles triangle when the paper remains folded and a diamond if you unfold.


How to hang the flags on the rope to form a garland? 1. Unwind the cord to get a little long. 2. Unfold the triangle and close it on the rope with a dot of glue. The flag is then “fixed” on the rope. Repeat this process as many times as necessary to obtain the desired length of garland

How to hang the garland? Having a central ceiling light, I tied one end of the garland to my fixture. To the other end, I used washi tape to tape the rope to the wall without damaging it. I made 4 garlands for the 4 corners of my living room. As I still had some flags, I also decorated the wall with the rope remained since the installation of my advent calendar. And voila how to put colors everywhere!


For information, paper roses and lanterns in the first photo were purchased on the website last year to decorate my 29th birthday. After the party, I reused them and they are now part of the design.

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