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Rome Practical details (2)

After a series of photos of Rome as Miscellaneous, here are some practical information. Before enjoying, you often worry about practical issues and here I give you my feedback on my weekend of three days and three nights in Rome. My friends had planned the weekend since late December. For flight and accommodation, they have had for less than 200 € per person. My day off has been approved a week before the weekend, so it cost me more, but I tell you in detail.

The flight For transport, we passed by Vueling the low cost airline of Iberia. Having booked one month before departure, my friends have paid their flights 74 €. As I have booked a week before I paid double … First advice, if you can book it in advance. To have flown with Easyjet, I have a preference for the Spanish company. Prices are likely similar but I the staff is friendlier and big plus for Vueling, in addition to hand luggage, you can have a handbag. With Easyjet they ask you to put your handbag in your hand luggage as soon as you pass the gates for boarding. But beware, it will take € 14 more if I remember correctly for expenses … Payment by Visa! And yes, you have to pay to pay … We left Friday, January 18 and in the afternoon the snow began to fall heavily. And even though we had very little information, we succeed to fly with 2 hours late, but we left indeed we were delighted! To return, while 40% of flights were canceled at Orly, we had no problems or delays to return Monday, January 21 in the evening.

* * *

The accomodation For accommodation, we opted for AirBnB. Personally, I tried this solution last year for my stay in Marseille and with this experience in Rome I confirm my recommendation for this solution. For those who don’t know, AirBnB is a community platform that connects individuals who put their housing rentals and individuals seeking a place to stay for a short time. It can be a simple room in a home or a whole apartment or a whole house. Although owners can opt for an insurance, the system is based on trust. So you have to describ yourself, your personality and your life and then a landlord agrees or not to let you in. In Rome, we rented a big F1 from 10min walk from the Vatican to a young couple wonderfully available and patient. We would arrive around midnight and they had agreed to wait for us to welcome us at this late hour. But finally we arrived at 2am and they did not even flinch! They welcomed us with a smile and explanations to enjoy the apartment. For details, I invite you to visit the AirBnB‘s page and here are some photos.

Please note that during our stay the couch on the pictures has been replaced by a sofa where wo people can sleep.

* * *

The transports Between the airport and the apartment the owners booked for us a car with driver. So when we arrived around 1am in Rome, a nice driver waited for us at the airport with a small sign and water bottles. The transfer cost us € 60 or € 15 per person which is reasonable for a quality service. During our stay in Rome, we walk all along. We didn’t take any bus, subway or taxi! Nothing better than a good pair of walking shoes!

Crédit photos : AirBnB

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Sew Hello bunny, my first purse for smartphone

It is with a touch of emotion that today I speak to you about sewing. A few months ago, I completely crushed with a sewing machine, my first … As for my Reflex camera, it took me a few weeks or even a little more to unpack the machine and dare to touch the beast. As for my first big camera, I think I was a little afraid to tackle anything. And finally, one summer afternoon I asked my man if he had an old t-shirt that I could use as a test and I made a pillow to heart cushion (photo on Instagram here et there).

As for knitting, I wanted to sewing because I love creating things by myself but mainly because I could not find what I was looking for in the market. And among the things that I did not find, there was a cover for my smartphone. I have a HTC and you know as well as me, industrialists only deal for products with the apple logo. So, I decided to create a custom case.

You know me well now, I love cute things. I love the things that when we take an eye on them 2 things happens:

1) we cry out loud “this is too cute!” in a long sigh

2) we feel an irresistible desire to have it for ourself.

So when I started in creating a cover I said I wanted it very cute with little bunny ears! So what do you think?

For more information:
– I drew the pattern myself on my HTC Desire measures,
– I bought the fabric for 6.9 € per meter at Toto’s in Paris in the 18th district and the pink ribbon in the market near my house,
– The label was ordered in nominette.fr and I am very happy! There are several different colors for embroidery text and also several colors for the ribbon color and you can even add small drawings!
– I added one layer of felt for each of the two sides to give some thickness to the cover. And felt was purchased from Tissue Reine

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Zalando.fr My very first time

I don’t know you but I am of those who are always a little afraid to buy on websites they do not know and who are very loyal when they have been satisfied. Without being paranoid, I’m always a little afraid of being disappointed by the goods, time and quality of delivery, the after self-service, etc..

And there are times when I let myself  try new stuffs and recently I made my first purchase on Zalando.fr. You’ve probably seen these ads? “Howl of fun! “. For my first order, I added to my cart a pair of low boots and a long winter coat. It was pretty risky for a first purchase, but the free shipping and 30 days for a free prepaid return quickly convinced me!

Enjoying the long weekend on the early November, I had search the huge catalog and I ordered these two items on the 1st Tuesday of November in the evening. I had hoped to be delivered via the Kiala network the following Saturday, unfortunately I have been warning that eight days after taking command. Conclusion of the experience, I am delighted. My two great fear was that the shoes do not fit and the coat was finally badly cut and the fabric is not as good as what you would expect according to the price. Finally, the coat fits me perfectly. If I expected a little more mellow, its fabric is quite ok. The shoes fit like a glove and are so pretty! Well you’ll understand that I will not have to test the return process. For a person who particularly enjoys discounts, I admit that I will not spontaneously visit this website for shopping but there are often special offers and other promotions, not to mention zalando-prive.fr!

Crédit photos : Zalando.fr Article rédigé avec la générosité de Zalando.fr

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