La boutique de Louise Discover and amazement


Last week I was invited by Min from the Blog Skulls-and-bows to discover her girlfriends’ lovely shop Arianne and Florence. La boutique de Louise, is the kind of shop that I love but I never had the opportunity or time to visit it. It was for me a great opportunity to discover this address, products and the initiators of the project but also to meet and review bloggers for a afterwork 100% girly.


To talk about the shop itself: it was for me as enter a cave of Ali Baba with 1001 wonders, colored version with lots of flashy colors and pastel, filled with things more or less useful but still beautiful and / or very cute . My eyes were round like balls full of stars and colors.


There are elements of decoration, items for the kitchen, stationery, toys, fashion accessories like leather goods, jewelry, etc.. Finally lots of things and if I could worth it, I’ll left with not less than half of the shop! I’ll let you discover through this series of photos.

hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_14 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_11 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_23 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_24 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_13 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_26 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_10 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_09 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_08 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_21 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_20 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_19 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_17 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_07 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_06 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_05 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_04 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_03 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_02 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_25 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_16 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_15 hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_27

After spending the evening in such a shop, I were certainly not gone empty handed! But I left with what to organize a give away  on my blog to let you win a product of my choice. Appointment tomorrow morning for terms! So, do you want to discover La boutique de Louise?

Try the online shop https://www.laboutiquedelouise.com or better yet, go visit Arianne and Florence!

La boutique de Louise 2 rue du dragon – 75006 Paris https://www.laboutiquedelouise.com

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Restaurant My favorite vietnamese restaurant (after Mom’s)


You probably know, I am Vietnamese and I love to eat, ergo I like to eat Vietnamese food. The best place for me is my Mom’s who always prepare delicious dishes when her daughters visited her. Well, luckily for me and / or damage to you my mother doesn’t offer food to everyone. So today I decided to talk about my second favorite address, which is open to all: Quan Ngon restaurant in the 13th arrondissement of Paris.


Quan Ngon – Vietnamese food





Taste  of the meal At Quan Ngon’s, they serve Vietnamese food and it’s not a Chinese-Vietnamese or Vietnamese-Thai address. No, here it serves Vietnamese Vietnamese food and it’s good! At Quan Ngon, I have my little habits: pancakes with pork and mushroom called Banh Cuon as starter, large flat noodles with minced pork with coconut sauce called Banh Tam Bi with an extra spring rolls, and with all that I take a glass of hot soy milk. A real delight, I enjoy and I’ll never get bored! Another specialty that I recommend is the Vietnamese pancake called Banh Xeo.

Settings The restaurant is a little lost in the towers. It’s like back home: it looks like a prefabricated with aligned tables and really the minimum for decoration. While we certainly are not going to the settings but you can also go to feel like at home …

Service The servers know my mom and I and they always know what I order then I am  privileged but I think the service is more than adequate.

Price Comme dans beaucoup de restaurants asiatiques dans le 13e arrondissement, les prix sont vraiment attractifs. Une entrée autour de 5€, un plat entre 7 et 10€… La dernière fois, avec mon Homme on a pris 1 entrée, 2 plats, et 2 boissons/dessert et on en a eu pour 27€ ! As in many Asian restaurants in the 13th arrondissement, the prices are really attractive. An starter around € 5, a main course between € 7 and € 10… The last time with my man took 1 starter, 2 main courses and 2 drinks / dessert and it costs only € 27!

Recommendation’s rate : 5/5

Quan Ngon 63, rue du Javelot – 75 013 Paris

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Give away La Boutique de Louise


As announced last week, the competition organized in partnership with La Boutique de Louise was closed Saturday, April 20th and Sunday I proceeded to draw. But before reveal the result, I wanted to share with you some pictures I took of the purchases I made during my visit to this wonderful La Boutique de Louise. Some of you found the cake stamp set but beyond guessing what I could buy, I especially wanted you to browse the online store. So I also bought a small wooden board shaped cloud, Margaux bag in black (because I already bought myself the satchel from Asos in green water), and a small porcelain with a small rabbit too cute to store jewelry.


I proceed to a manual draw with small paper with the names of participants by multiplying the chances according to the tracks via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and / or Hellocoton. And so it is Cottleya was raffled! hellokim_laboutiquedelouise_28

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La boutique de Louise Give away !


In my previous article, I shared with you my discovery of the shop La Louise de Boutique. In addition to going homewith arms full of shopping, I also left with what to organize a give away for you to win a product from the shop. During the evening, between champagne and cupcakes, the owners offered tothe participating bloggers to choose a product from the store to gift to our readers a product close to our universe. I have chosen you to win a set of buffers cake too cute!

The terms of the give away:

1. Leave a comment in this article and only one with a valid e-mail address so I can contact you at the end of the contest. For information, e-mail address will not be displayed on my blog, but only by me.

2. I told you I left with a few purchases, four to be exact. Three products are available in the online store. To confirm your participation, find at least one product that I bought. For this, you can make up to 3 proposals (with link to the product page).

3. The contest will be closed this Saturday, April 20th at 23:59. And the draw will take place Sunday, April 21. You can also increase your chances.

How? :
– Like my Facebook page
– Follow me on Twitter
– Follow me on Instagram
– Follow me via Hellocoton >> Do not forget to specify your username for each social network not comment!

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Restaurant Dishny in the Indian district of Paris

You understood, with my girlfriends we often new address but when we find good restaurants we like to come back from time to time. Among our favorites, there is Dishny an Indian restaurant at the intersection of Faubourg Saint Denis and Rue Cail in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. It’s been several years that we come here and it’s still good and cheap! Again, my photos are not very successful with my smartphone and don’t capture the level of pleasure afforded by the photographed dishes !




Taste of the meal I am not an expert in Indian food but once we tasted the meals from Dishny we say that it really have nothing to envy to other Indian restaurants (outside neighborhood). That evening and like every time I go to this restaurant, I had a mango lassy for cocktails, rolls for starter, chicken kourouma as main course with nan cheese and vanilla ice cream for dessert. The lassy was not really sweet but I do not think it’s supposed to be. Otherwise, it was very creamy! Nothing to say on the starter and the main course everything was good!

Setting If you go to Dishny is clearly not for the setting. The decoration is almost non-existent, however, we can see some statue of Hindu deities here and there. Otherwise, it strongly looks like a canteen from the seiling to the ground through the cutlery. Service Nothing to say about it. The service is satisfactory without particular distinction.

Price The price is unbeatable. The restaurant offers a good menu for lunch as well as for evening only €9 including starter, main course and dessert! We took a lassy for 2 and I took a nan cheese in addition to the menu and the bill was very soft: only €13.75! At that price, if you are not convinced at first, you will not lose much there!

Recommendation’s rate : 5/5

Dishny 212, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis – 75010 PARIS dishny.fr

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