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Happy New Year 2018


Hi guys! I’m back here on the blog after a few weeks off, to share with you an assessment of 2017 and talk about my goals in 2018.

About Knitting, I’m so glad because I reached my goal and I knitted clothes in adult size and I knitted 3 sweaters!

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Christmas in few pictures


Christmas, I love Christmas! I love the decorations, I love the atmosphere, the spirit of Christmas … I did not published so much photos on the subject because I have very little innovated this year, but here are some pictures of my Christmas that I love with some of the gifts I received!







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The forgotten of October #3

As we are at the end of the month, here are the forgotten month.


Obviously, I was greedy and more than once : at my Mum’s who made ​​us banh cuốn which are small pancakes topped with a minced pork and black mushrooms! Otherwise, I made muffins with nutella and others with peach jam and chocolate chips. And after a squeegee, we enjoyed a chocolate tiramisu a friend pastry had brought for dessert!


Before the time change and it gets dark really early, when I was leaving the office I used to look at the sky …


On October 24th, I went to a concert of a singer who is often compared to Lauryn Hill and Erica Badu : Laetitia Dana. I didn’t know her but it was my Man who invited me and it was really great. Laetitia is full of positive energy and has a great voice. In the first part, we had a DJ set. And all the evening, on the back of the stage, there was the projection of illustrations of an artist who draw in live. In any case, I had a great night.


I speak very soon but I started gradually making real diagrams when I make a new model to knit. I rely on my knitting bible, I select my points and then I do my sample. Once everything is calculated and thought, I draw my diagram. But I’ll tell you more about it soon!

To finish, a small animated gif (yes I know I love more and more this format) with some photos taken in the morning on my balcony to, see later in the article.


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The forgotten of September #2

With some delay, here are some pictures forgotten from September.


The summer holidays are an opportunity for me to read women’s magazines because usely I rarely buy magazines. And my EeePc slipped  in the photo. It accompanied me during this stay in South of France in Languedoc-Roussillon.


13 years after its release, I saw for the first time Battle Royale with Takeshi Kitano. With my man, we took the opportunity to order some pizza for a movie night at home.


As usual, I ate well and I did not private! From left to right and from top to bottom: longan at my lovely Mum’s, a monstrous burger in HD Diner of Rivoli street, a plate of pasta at Tiger Wok CNIT La Defense and cookies with Chocapic following the recipe from My sweet escape.




In the morning, I like to watch the sun rise. Well, I don’t spend hours before it, but it gives me a glimpse of the weather and in September, the weather played Yo-Yo with alternating cloudy and hazy sky.


At the Toyz’R’Us store at La Déefense, I met a giant rabbit dressed in armor and Yoda made in Lego.


And then the last day of the month, after a rainy weekend I left Porto to return to Paris.

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The forgotten of summer #1

Today I launch a new category dedicated to photographs that I didn’t published, related to non-covered or underdeveloped topics on the blog or on social networks.










1. Plant wall at the 4 temps mall – 2. A bowl of Banh Tam Bi ordered at my favorite Vietnamese restaurant, enjoyed with my mom and my sister just before leaving on vacation all together – 3. Whoopers tray with extra cheese and bacon taken to Lanzarote airport when we were stuck over 3 hours – 4. Lunch at HD Diner of Rivoli’s street with friends former colleagues – 5. Dave arrived home, he speaks and he farts! I love it! I want so welcome Tim and Stuart … –  6. Shaped heart apparent root at the Parc Floral of Vincennes  – 7. The views at the Parc Floral of Vincennes at a picnic with friends. The first real picnic of the year when we spend all the afternoon to eat and chat – 8. A delicious bowl of Pho from my mom – 9. Sunrise seen from my balcony

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