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When I started the blog a few years ago, I did’nt want to invest too much money. I bought the domain name that you know but I didn’t choose a formula with hosting. Among the free solutions, I chose to host my blog at Free’s in I didn’t find how “hide” the address Free, so urls’ content and RSS remained all prefixed . With the move, I set up an automatic redirection that allows you, from any favorites you saved, to access the content on the new hosting. There is nothing to do, everything is automatic! For those who follow me via RSS, if you want to continue to follow me a small update must be done : replace by For those interested, I will certainly do an article about the change of accommodation for WordPress blogs. Having some difficulties, I think it can be useful!

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It was my birthday #1: Home design

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday. On this occasion, I invited a few friends at home. For this event, I took care decoration and here are some pictures. The theme of the evening: pastel. Are you surprised?

* * *

In the foyer, my Man had the good idea to reuse the rope that I had installed for the Advent calendar in December and enroll in letters a little message for the occasion. Everything was hung with mini wooden clothespin between some mini Chinese lanterns.

Everywhere in the room, balloons were on the ceiling. Tip: without the use of helium, balloons can stick to the ceiling just with static electricity!

* * *

At the buffet, I had planned a cocktail dinner so I lined recycled glass jars with colorful straws and jams pots decorated with washi tape to have disposable cutlery.

To complete the decoration, I hung some lanterns and haloed balls. The main idea of the lanterns were to prepare a nice photobooth but I ordered a little more for the living room.

* * *

And speaking of photobooth, here is a picture of the settings that I set up for the evening. But I’m telling you a bit more in the next article.

After the evening, I managed to convince my man to enjoy the material to decorate the dining room part of our living room. Here is the final installation hung permanently.

For supplies: – The lamps, rosettes and other halos balls were purchased on the website – Tablecloths, balloons, napkins, table runners were found at Hema‘s So did you like it?

* * *

And here are some pictures of the event until the photobooth photos!

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Rome Practical details (2)

After a series of photos of Rome as Miscellaneous, here are some practical information. Before enjoying, you often worry about practical issues and here I give you my feedback on my weekend of three days and three nights in Rome. My friends had planned the weekend since late December. For flight and accommodation, they have had for less than 200 € per person. My day off has been approved a week before the weekend, so it cost me more, but I tell you in detail.

The flight For transport, we passed by Vueling the low cost airline of Iberia. Having booked one month before departure, my friends have paid their flights 74 €. As I have booked a week before I paid double … First advice, if you can book it in advance. To have flown with Easyjet, I have a preference for the Spanish company. Prices are likely similar but I the staff is friendlier and big plus for Vueling, in addition to hand luggage, you can have a handbag. With Easyjet they ask you to put your handbag in your hand luggage as soon as you pass the gates for boarding. But beware, it will take € 14 more if I remember correctly for expenses … Payment by Visa! And yes, you have to pay to pay … We left Friday, January 18 and in the afternoon the snow began to fall heavily. And even though we had very little information, we succeed to fly with 2 hours late, but we left indeed we were delighted! To return, while 40% of flights were canceled at Orly, we had no problems or delays to return Monday, January 21 in the evening.

* * *

The accomodation For accommodation, we opted for AirBnB. Personally, I tried this solution last year for my stay in Marseille and with this experience in Rome I confirm my recommendation for this solution. For those who don’t know, AirBnB is a community platform that connects individuals who put their housing rentals and individuals seeking a place to stay for a short time. It can be a simple room in a home or a whole apartment or a whole house. Although owners can opt for an insurance, the system is based on trust. So you have to describ yourself, your personality and your life and then a landlord agrees or not to let you in. In Rome, we rented a big F1 from 10min walk from the Vatican to a young couple wonderfully available and patient. We would arrive around midnight and they had agreed to wait for us to welcome us at this late hour. But finally we arrived at 2am and they did not even flinch! They welcomed us with a smile and explanations to enjoy the apartment. For details, I invite you to visit the AirBnB‘s page and here are some photos.

Please note that during our stay the couch on the pictures has been replaced by a sofa where wo people can sleep.

* * *

The transports Between the airport and the apartment the owners booked for us a car with driver. So when we arrived around 1am in Rome, a nice driver waited for us at the airport with a small sign and water bottles. The transfer cost us € 60 or € 15 per person which is reasonable for a quality service. During our stay in Rome, we walk all along. We didn’t take any bus, subway or taxi! Nothing better than a good pair of walking shoes!

Crédit photos : AirBnB

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Diy at Dawanda’s Factory

Last week, I went to the event Dawanda‘s DIY. One of the participants at the workshop to knit the collective work done for the event Salon Créations & Savoir-faire had spoken so I kept an eye on the blog Dawanda to register.

The principle: from 18:30 to 21:30 the Dawanda Factory opens its doors for four workshops of DIY for novices to discover and test new techniques, meet the creators / bloggers who animated the workshops and especially have a good time in a good mood.

Personally, I went mostly for the workshop animated by Citronnelle-Eglantine I met a few weeks ago and whom proposed to create small baskets in trapilho crochet. I tried to start to crochet some time ago and despite the video tutorials on the net, I could not do it so I said it was the perfect opportunity!

The material with crochet, trapilho and tutorial as well as a nice table with colorful candy waited for us. And here I am hooking for the first time! With the explanations and patience of sweet Citronnelle-Eglantine, I could make a piece in no time!

Tadam! Here is my little pink basket, a bit wobbly but that is still my pride! And yes, it’s not bad for a first time! And since I started hooking alone! Have a look on my Instagram account.

Among other workshops, I lingered in the one dedicated to decorate scrapbooking labels. The first picture is the label I made myself! And finally, I went to decorate some sugar cookie dough! Well, mine are not very beautiful, but it’s a start!

Crédit photos : Dawanda – All the pictures of the events are available here

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Diy Christmas tree in washi tape

Since September, there have been some changes in my work situation that may have some rather nice sides. Since early 2010 I was on a missio at client’s as Web Project Manager and in September the mission ended and I returned to work in the agency. And what is nice in the agency work is the freedom you can have, particularly in the decoration of your office. This year, I was given a small budget to decorate the agency in Christmas colors.

I LOVE Christmas: colors, lights, etc.. I was delighted to take on the challenge. The budget was rather tight and to not decorate only one space, I opted for the Chritmas tree in washi tape. It’s cheap, it doesn’t take much space and all the follies are possible.

I didn’t  think creating an article about it on the blog but after posting the photo on Instagram, I was asked to do a little tutorial. I hadn’t taken the time to take pictures of the steps but as it is quite easy, here are some photos of details to illustrate my point.

– 2 rolls of washi tape. I bought mine at the store Lovely Tape who had a booth at the event Salon Créations & Savoir-faire on November at Porte de Versailles. A roll with red pine and a transparent one with black stars
– 1 light string. I bought it at Casa’s with 50 light points
– Decorations balls and stars. Those here were purchased at Casa’s and Ikea’s.
– Classic tape
– Nylon string
1 pair of scissors

Step 1 On a clean wall, mark the three points of the triangle that form the tree. Prefer smooth walls and avoid the walls like this with bumps  because the washi tape doesn’t hold very well. Draw three lines joining the three points of the triangle with the washitape. Double lines if necessary, that’s what I did here.

Step 2 With a different color or pattern of washi tape, draw a zigzag on either side of the tree to make garlands.

Step 3 Using tape, attach the string of lights around the tree: start from the bottom left (or right depending on the location of the electrical outlet), go back to the tip of the tree. Back down to the bottom right corner then fix the wreath along the base of the tree. You are then returned to the starting point at the bottom left corner. From there, draw a zigzag with wreath and move to the forefront.

Step 4 Tie a piece of nylon on decorations and tape the wall with decorations through this piece of nylon.

And here is the result!

For information, I’ve spent 70 € and I have done five trees (only one with light string) and decorate almost all public areas of the agency.

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