Washi tape To color your mouse mat

It’s been over a year and a half now that I bought my first rolls of Masking tapes. Since my collection has grown as you have seen here and there. But I haven’t shown much what I was doing with that Masking tapes … So, today I decided you talked / showed my customized mouse pad.

Initially, my mouse pad was gray. It was certainly quite functional but sad as rain. To cheer it up and because I love colors I decided to align features in Masking tapes. And here is the result!

Nothing easier than making the mouse pad as original as gay!

Here some Tips:
– If the carpet is not new, be sure to clean it before to remove any trace of fat
– Depending on the material of your pad, Masking tape will adhere little more or less. Do not handle too much Masking tape before set it down a surface to be coated.

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Sew Hello bunny, my first purse for smartphone

It is with a touch of emotion that today I speak to you about sewing. A few months ago, I completely crushed with a sewing machine, my first … As for my Reflex camera, it took me a few weeks or even a little more to unpack the machine and dare to touch the beast. As for my first big camera, I think I was a little afraid to tackle anything. And finally, one summer afternoon I asked my man if he had an old t-shirt that I could use as a test and I made a pillow to heart cushion (photo on Instagram here et there).

As for knitting, I wanted to sewing because I love creating things by myself but mainly because I could not find what I was looking for in the market. And among the things that I did not find, there was a cover for my smartphone. I have a HTC and you know as well as me, industrialists only deal for products with the apple logo. So, I decided to create a custom case.

You know me well now, I love cute things. I love the things that when we take an eye on them 2 things happens:

1) we cry out loud “this is too cute!” in a long sigh

2) we feel an irresistible desire to have it for ourself.

So when I started in creating a cover I said I wanted it very cute with little bunny ears! So what do you think?

For more information:
– I drew the pattern myself on my HTC Desire measures,
– I bought the fabric for 6.9 € per meter at Toto’s in Paris in the 18th district and the pink ribbon in the market near my house,
– The label was ordered in and I am very happy! There are several different colors for embroidery text and also several colors for the ribbon color and you can even add small drawings!
– I added one layer of felt for each of the two sides to give some thickness to the cover. And felt was purchased from Tissue Reine

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Manicure Let’s get stripes !

This week, I discovered a beauty blog (American I think) for which one I fell in love: The beauty department. Tutorials of makeup, hair tutorials, but mainly too cute nail art tutorial ! Beautiful images, detailed steps, it was enough for me to find inspiration for my manicure of the week.

So new week, new manicure! Failing to find the sun when I look at the sky, I would like like sunshines on my fingertips. But then, nails in hot yellow is not easy to wear. What is more, is hot yellow with white stripes as Maya the Bee in albino way. For this, I was inspired by the Navy nail art.

I used the same technique: stickers guide for French manicure. I confess to being delighted to find a new use for these stickers that I bought several years ago, before I learn to make the French manicure with just a few brushes. The effect is not as well as the nail art made by The Beauty department because I am obviously less gifted, but also because my stickers are larger and curved and I have very curved nails: difficult to keep the stickers on both sides.

Then, I wish you a beautiful colored week !

Yellow nail polish : #279 Yellow Kiko
Grey nail polish : #329 Pale Grey Kiko

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Today, I’m a princess… (4)

Last Saturday, I celebrated my birthday (yes, for the 3rd time!) with some friends at home. Home sweet home… For the occasion, I wanted to get out of the ordinary and I organized a photo booth.

I think the first time I heard about Photo booth, it was on the wonderful website Well, this is a site specializing in wedding, even if it is not on the agenda, I think it’s a goldmine in terms of images and ideas.. I love the pastel colors, shared photos, tips and tricks, etc.

I love photos, so the idea germinated in my mind and I visited some specialized shops and I searched on the web to find some good stuff ans ideas in order to make a beautiful serie of photos with nice accessories.

I bought a rhinestone curtain, pastel balloons and a little pink hat A la poupée merveilleuse. Hema’s , I found peaks with labels, flags and a balloon inflator. With cardstock, peak skewers, glue, tape, the beautiful patterns of Fifi Mandirac and a little imagination, I made ​​ mustaches, bow ties, hats and sunglasses.

I spent the afternoon making accessories and cooking for my guests and prepare the evening. It was a bit long and tiring but it was really satisfying. My friends were entertained according to their words and we had fun. Unfortunately I took very few pictures of the dozens of plates I prepared…

And for the last series of photos, I’ll show you some gifts that have been offered to me. So I promise it’s coming soon especially because I’m sure you’re tired of me talking about my birthday!

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From muffin to cupcake

My first batch of muffins, it was on 2009. It’s one of my former colleagues and friends who had introduced me to this home made dessert. Since I haven’t stopped trying to improve and innovate it. Spun almonds, hazelnuts crushed, with a heart of Nutella, strawberry jam, chestnut jam; sprinkled coconut, chocolate chips, with pieces of banana, etc.

And now for some weeks, I try to make cupcakes. Oh yes, these little cakes as good as cute … I’m still looking for the right recipe for the frosting while maintaining a well-balanced taste with cake (I used not to let nature). But before reaching the perfect match, I bought some essential accessories: trays with colors and decorative sugar. I am not yet satisfied with the recipe but I think I’m on the right track about the presentation, isn’t it ? And besides, if you have any tips or suggestions to me, I’m interested!

Where do I buy all these pretty things? I had some difficulty finding my kitchen stuff and then I stepped inMora (13 rue Montmartre – 75001 Paris). A true treasure trove. And the Halles district is full of good places, I discovered Hema (118 Rambuteau Street – 75001 Paris) where now I wander when I don’t have time or opportunity to go to Ikea.

Trays – Pink with white dots : Mora – Pastel trio : Mora – Red with white dots and white stripes : Hema Decorative sugar – Yellow and white stars : Vahiné au supermarché – Chocolate chips : Vahiné au supermarché – Muticolor spinkles : Mora – Spinkle with St Valentin’s colors : Mora

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