I only learned to knit before my screen and thanks to video tutorials on the Internet. It has not always been easy, especially the first time, but the internet is really an amazing but very dense source. For some techniques, sometimes you have to search long to find the right one so I decided to compile my favorite videos here which helped me to learn to knit and to crochet. This page is intended to be fed regularly with new sources. For all practical purposes, here is a link to a French-English dictionary for the different stitches and other technical issues.

The basis of knitting

• Playslist : with all the basis (French)

• Other technique to change th yarn ball (French)

• To knit in round avec des aiguilles circulaires (French)

Provisional cast on with crochet hook

• Edge stitch (French)

Fancy stitches of knitting

• How to do a braid (French)

• Moss stitch (French)

• How to do a bobble (French)

 How to do the Herringbone stitch

• Knit in round with the herringbone stitch

The finishing touches of knitting

• How to fasten off – Garter stitch (French)

• How to fasten off – plain knitting (French)

• Grafting (French)

• Add another color of yarn during the knit (French)

• Doing stripes by chnaging the yarn, without cutting the stranded knitting (French)

• Doing a one-row button-hole à l’horizontale

* * *

The basis in crochet

•  How to do a chain (French)

•  How to do a double crochet (American : Single crochet) (French)

•  The doubles (French)

Fancy stitches in crochet

• Puff stitch

* * *

My creations in knitting or crochet

• Knit : Snood with tight twists

• Knit : Snood with multiple inverted twists

• Knit : Snood knitted in round with a V and moss stitch

• Knit : Snood ain moss stitch

• Knit : Snood with braides

• Knit : Scarf with braids

• Knit & crochet : Snood for baby with garter stitch

• Knit : Snood for man with braides

• Knit : Scarf with braids and bobbles

• Knit & sew: Pouch with plain knitting and moss stitch

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